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Alarm Systems & Security

Stay protected and connected, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected or the power goes out. Our technology protects you from an intruder destroying your security panel by sending an alert at the first sign of entry.

Surveillance & Video Monitoring

Check in whenever you want from your smartphone, tablet or computer to get a live view of what's going on. Record video and capture motion or event-triggered video clips, to find exactly what you want to watch later.

Mobile Apps

Stay connected with your home or business wherever you are with our mobile app. Control all your connected devices from a single app. Monitor your home or business from anywhere. User-friendly interface.

When Seconds Count!

Make sure your loved one’s needs are being met and help avoid potential emergencies before they happen. Wellness monitors daily activity with small sensors in the home that communicate with your security system.


CNY Alarms is an elite Monitronics Service Provider, the leader in the industry. We are # 5 of over 600 licensed dealers.

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  • Receive real-time information about what is happening in the home
  • Maintain privacy and independence in the comfort of home
  • Check-in any time from your mobile device and receive custom alerts
  • Monitor patterns and get an alert at any sign of trouble
  • Simplify daily routines with automated lights, thermostats, and locks
  • Devices across the home work together, such as unlocking the door in case of an emergency
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Other Services

Mobile Apps

Intuitively designed mobile interfaces make it easy to interact with your security system. Real-time alerts are delivered right to your mobile device when activity takes place at your property.

Home Automation

Connect all your devices to work together. Save energy and increase security with automation based on your location.

Energy Management

Remotely adjust your thermostat via the web or's mobile app and set automatic thermostat schedules so you save money. Reduce energy use without compromising comfort. Control lights and thermostats over web or smart phone.